Maps - Simon's Town Marina Company
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Navigational Chart

Mooring Information

Line numbers are in the order one should attach them.

Set 1 and 2 to position the bow, set 3 tight against the first two, set the length of 4 and then set 5 tight to position the boat. Set 6.

Line 7 is optional, but a good idea….

Keep pulpits and bowsprits off the marina.

The preferred knot is “two round turns and two half hitches”. Pulled tight!

Strong Winds – Take Note

Although quite well protected from the sea, Simon’s Town marina is subject to very strong winds, from both directions!

South Easters, prominent in summer, can maintain 30 knts plus for 7 days or more at a time, with gusts of 70 knts not uncommon.

North Wester, the winter wind can rise very fast and often reaches 40 knts. Both of these winds can blow in the same week!