Information - Simon's Town Marina Company
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The Company

The FALSE BAY YACHT CLUB moorings and slipping facilities are controlled and managed by the SIMON’S TOWN MARINA COMPANY. (STMC – a non-profit company) The members of this company consist only of FBYC members who are marina owners.

STMC is presided over by a Board of Directors (min 3 – max 6) who meet every month or two. The staff consists of a Manager, Administrator, Bookkeeper, Supervisor and three Assistants. The office is situated in the bungalow between the club restaurant and the NSRI. Office and slipway hours are weekdays only, 8:30 to 17:00.

Visitors to STMC and FBYC are welcome, but must take out temporary membership of the FBYC in order to avail themselves of these facilities.

Prospective members wanting to buy or rent moorings must first make membership arrangements with FBYC before they may take possession of any mooring.

Moorings / Berths

The vast bulk of the 263 marina moorings are owned by the members of the STMC. Most moor their own boats on them, but some are either privately rented out to other members, while others are rented out via the marina company, who charge 10% for this service.

The STMC has 12 berths available for visiting yachts, in addition to arranging berths for visitors on member’s marinas.

STMC and FBYC have 6 jointly owned berths used as a Working Dock for members to come alongside to load or carry out repairs. (also sometimes used for visitors)

All berths have unmetered water and electricity.

Swing moorings for members and visitors are managed by the STMC.

Slipping / Hauling Out

Boats can be removed from the water via a Sling Lift (20 tons) on the main slipway and placed on the hard standing area which can accommodate 13 vessels. (There are various services available here, see Services. Charges are based on Length, Beam and Time, members, locals or internationals. Bookings are via the STMC office. Currently a new machine is in design stage with plans to have it operational by early 2018. This will have capacity of 35 tons and will accommodate yachts, power craft and catamarans.

There is a member only slipway for ski boat launching. Safety certificates, insurance and skipper qualifications will be examined. Launching passes must be produced.

Yacht Club

The FBYC has the normal member facilities, including bar, restaurant, board room, change rooms, Wi-Fi, braai (BBQ), etc. (


A Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches, boats and marina’s that meet EXCELLENCE in the areas of safety, amenities, cleanliness and environmental standards.


The Ocean Cruising Club is an international club administered from the UK for cruisers. The Ocean Cruising Club maintains a network of over 150 Port Officers world-wide.